Our Facilities


Our smallholding in St. Martin's has been developed to cater for students. Their safety and happiness is of paramount importance to what we do here.

All the facilities are available to use for schools signed up to our 6 Week Project.


vegetable plots

A quick walk through the field from the entrance to the farm, you reach our farm plots. This is where we spend a lot of our time during school projects and Sprouts Farm Club sessions. 

For projects, each school is allocated their own area and every pupil is given their own plot. There is no running water or electricity on the farm plot, so everything is done by hand and students have to venture to the lavoir to collect their own water. 

The student plots are the very heart of our farm and are nestled between rows of vegetables we grow for market. In this way children become part of our farm and, by looking at other crops grown on site, they learn how to maintain and harvest other fruit and vegetables. A larger variety of flowers, fruit and vegetables can be found at La Cornetterie, and every student gets to take a big bag of vegetables home with them at the end of each session .

At the bottom of the field you can find the compost heap – ready for all students green waste! 



Our animals are very important to us at the farm school, so we feel it is also important that students get to know and care for them! Both our pigs and chickens work hard every day, digging up roots and eating nasty bugs. They also give back to the soil - meaning we don't have to use any nasty chemicals on our produce to help it grow. 

Children joining us on any project, or at our club sessions, will have the opportunity to work with our animals. We teach basic animal husbandry with our pigs, chickens and ducks.

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The Meadow

The meadow is the perfect place for Forest School activities or even for a lunch! The picnic area over looks the grassy lawn and the whole place is truly magical.

The surrounding trees are alive with wildlife and the Farm School Initiative has installed bird boxes to look out for the smaller birds in Spring. A family of buzzards fly overhead as the meadow is familiar hunting territory.

This area can also be booked for Art, Drama or even Creative Writing Classes! Please get in touch for availability.



THE Lavoir

Down in the meadow you will find our 'lavoir'. It is an amazing example of a lavoir in Jersey, perhaps second only to that at St. Cyr (St. John).

A lavoir is a spring fed communal washing place. We are extremely lucky to have one on site at the farm for our use. Students use the lavoir to collect water to use on their plots.

The Douet Fleury Lavoir is found on the edge of the field Clos de la Lavardiere, Les Vallées. It measures 13ft 10 inches by 9 ft 1 inch and is fed to two springs, one on the north and the other in the south-east corner.

There are inscriptions that appear on two stones placed either side of the steps and are dated 1832. Lavoirs in Jersey were often developed or restored by local men who were heads of families in the Parish, or who had the right to use the lavoir, and left their initials on a piece of granite.



The amphitheatre was built by the Farm School Initiative with the intention of helping local schools! It’s free to use to any school that participates and can be used for art classes, assembly, show-and-tell and more importantly, summer concerts and fund-raisers. We understand that it is an outdoor space that most schools don't have. We welcome you on site to organise an evening of fun to help fund your project.

We understand that school budgets limit what you can do for field visits. But there is nothing stopping you being a part of this project! It is so important that we make a change. It’s important to show children the value of food and how they can learn, grow and be completely self-sufficient. The amphitheatre can be booked out by your school to raise funds for your Farming Projects. Please enquire about availability.



Rainy day? No problem! We usually get dressed up in our wet weather gear and get outside whatever the weather, but if it is seriously chucking it down then we head to our potting shed. The area is safe and dry, with blackboards, tables and chairs and stations to get mucky too!



The willows is the perfect place to go for quiet reflection, bird watching and group work. Three small circles of log seats are encircled by willows and are utterly enchanting. Perfect for story time!

This area can also be booked for school activities. It's certainly the place to go to draw and be creative. Please enquire for availability.